Rolampont - Faverolles

The “tufière” spring

At the “tufière” spring, the water coming out of the limestone is pure. The good quality of the water is due to a good protection by the plateau’s forest cover.

The spring has a slow flow but never dries up. That’s why the tufière has existed for so long.

After passing the tufière, the water regains the Marne in Rolampont via the stream of Vaubrien.

This sort of resurgence is the most common; it is also found at the source of the Marne in Balesmes-sur-Marne. The rain water penetrates the cracks of the limestone plateau. It ends its underground journey on a waterproof clay floor and forms an underground water pocket. It then comes out of the ground by an exit on the side of the hill thanks to an uneven relief where the clay floor surfaces.

Tufiere de Rolampont

You are now leaving the discovery path of the tufière, to follow the green and yellow markings of your tour which will lead you to the tufière marshes.

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