Rolampont - Faverolles

Edification of a « tufière »

A clear and fresh ripple flows down the small stream nourishing the tufière. The water tirelessly continues to transfix all along its passage in this natural laboratory.

A fine white crust settles on the tiny plants and the small steps of the waterfall.

A branch lying in the water, the moss, the autumn leaves, seem frozen by the mummifying limestone. This is how it went on for thousands of years.

This lovely example of a fragile but living natural environment, is the result of a preserved and respected delicate hydrological and biological balance. It is also the fruit of a lasting and meticulous management by the National Forest Office whose aim is to guarantee the maintenance of the frail forest’s diversity.

Tufiere de Rolampont

Continue your visit by going down the stairs. There, go right on the small path leading up past other walls artificially supporting the river bed. Stop once you have passed the river.

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