Rolampont - Faverolles

The tufa quarry

Behind the active tufiere, the fossilized tufa is invaded by the forest. 10 to 15m in density for a 350,000 m3 volume, it is very significant. It forms a viewpoint allowing us to observe before us the active tufiere evolving.

The tuf was exploited in old quarries still visible dating back to the 19th century. It is a building material which is porous, light, insulating, fireproof and easy to cut, but which was nonetheless relatively expensive.

We can see in this old quarry, a pit face rock, supporting walls in the tufa breeze-blocks as well as left-over cuttings at the back.

Tufiere de Rolampont

The discovery path continues along the enclosure. On your left, go over the river to reach the signpost « Edification d’une tufière ».

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