Rolampont - Faverolles

The fossilized tufa

You are above the “tufière” of Rolampont formed almost 10,000 years ago.

Local people were not respectful of this site during the last centuries. The first human presence in these parts date back to the Bronze Age (750 years BC). Afterwards, the tufa underwent serious disturbances, especially in the 18th and 19th century, because of the water being diverted, when a mill and then quarries were exploited one after the other on the site.

The local forest service watching over it knows all of its secrets. At the moment the “tufière” is awakening after years of difficult existence. The rebirth is mostly linked to the protection given by the forest environment.

The security barrier installed around the sensitive areas helps avoid damages and the fragile ecosystem being trampled on.

Tufiere de Rolampont

Go along the enclosure for 50m to reach the signpost « The tufa quarry ».

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