Rolampont - Faverolles

Explanation of the phenomenon

On the plateau of Langres, the rain water penetrates through the cracks of the limestone. Its deep flow is halted by the presence of a waterproof layer of marl. The water collected in this way accumulates into an underground layer. The excess water of the layer flows out of the ground at spring level, upstream to the tufiere.

In the open air, the flowing water forms a small stream. The limestone dissolved in the water settles on the vegetation and transfixes everything on its way, by a physico-chemical reaction. The exterior heat and the presence of a specific microflora which consumes carbon dioxide favours the petrification phenomenon.

Thus, is created and developed the tufiere, in its surrounding greenery wisely maintained and renewed by the foresters of the National Forest Office.

This solidified mass of Rolampont’s tufiere is the nicest and most important in the region.

Tufiere de Rolampont

On your right, go back up the stream to the footbridge. Cross it and then turn left to access the signpost « Types of moss ».

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