Rolampont - Faverolles

Des sculptures originales

When passing in front of the fence which encloses Lonceau’s water catchment, notice the sculptures carved in the rock by a Parisian sculptor retired in Rolampont, Joseph Parisot, around the middle of the 19th century.

They represent different animals or human faces which will be interesting to discover when examining the rock face; but be careful not to miss any!

The artist knew how to use the natural reliefs of the rock to his advantage and to adapt his sculpture. Above the rock of the water recipient, you will find his signature and a date.

Other works of this person are known around these parts. They also have the advantage of being made in hard limestone, not very easy to work with. A big block of triangular stone representing, on one side a sphinx and on the other a griffin was taken from the forest and placed on a smaller plot of land in front of the church gates of Rolampont. Likewise, you will be able to admire Venus lying down in the entrance of the town hall. The artist’s tomb, in the village cemetery, has in its alcove, a statue sculpted by him.

Finally, somewhere in the forest of Rolampont, a small house converted in the quarry, was perhaps his secret refuge. He sculpted a figure smoking a pipe (no doubt a self-portrait) escorted by an almost naked young beauty. Maybe one day, you shall find a guide knowledgeable enough to lead you there.

Sculpture falaise

Pursue your walking up to your starting point, in the parking lot of the tuffa waterfall.

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