Rolampont - Faverolles

The spring of the young lady

This source, called “de la demoiselle”, is about 50 metres from the Roman road. It has already been used in Ancient times, because it was an important water point where the horses and cattle could drink before climbing up the slope.

We do not know where its name comes from but we have a few theories which are: the name of the person who lived in the forest house or the name of an insect resembling a small dragonfly. It could also have been a fairy.

The source is situated on the edge of limestone and waterproof marl of ostrea acuminata (small oysters) and constitutes the evacuation of water from the layer formed by the infiltration of rain through cracks of the plateau.

The water which gushes out is pure, its flow is variable but witout interruption all year round. The big stone basin, in the shape of a pear, was built at the same time as the forest house.

Mausolee de Faverolles

Continue your walk to the Roman road which leads up hill.

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