Rolampont - Faverolles

Model and forest house

Standing before you is the reconstitution of the mausoleum of Faverolles. This was realised on a quarterly scale, by the students attending a training course as stone-cutter, at the professional training centre “Poinfor” in Langres.

This model made out of Savonnières stone, is 6m high, 2m in length at its base and weighs 20 tons. You can easily imagine what might have been the scale and beauty of the original monument.

Close by, stands an old secluded house, which reflects the traditionnal art of building with stone. This 19th century building was built with some items of the Roman road and of the mausoleum. This is how two sculpted slabs, used for the paving in the entrance, were restored to the museum.

Its roof in “gothic tiles” or “violin tiles”, gives it a typical “haut-marnais” character. Conceived in the region of Langres around 1850, it was the first machine-made tile in France. These elegant tiles were to replace the heavier lava covers. Other machine-made tiles more perfected in the double or triple covering took its place in the 20th century.

Mausolee de Faverolles

Go past the house and follow the path leading to the coal place.

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