Rolampont - Faverolles


Description of the circuit:

1 - At the Source of the Tufière, climb in the wood and turn on the right. Go straight, go up the side and take on the right the the way which goes down slightly. In a curve on the right, follow a path which goes on the left then on the right at the level of a terminal of limits. Go down the forest alley, cross again the brook on the studs. Continue on the left and go down by a way in laces.

2 - Cross a forest way. Leave the wood, skirt the cultures and pass under high tension lines. Go straight (view on the city and the Langres area) leaving at the crossings the exploitation’s ways which comes from the left.

3 - At the fork, take the asphalt way the most on the left (view on the Suize’s Valley). Go down towards the village of Faverolles by a path “herbu”, on the rightof the little road “La Voix des Essarts”.

4 - At the fountain, take on the left. Cross the place of Bacchus and take in front the street of “Portières”. At the Town Hall, go straight by the Champlet’s road. At the monument, take on the right and in bottom of the village, before the bridge, go down on the right by a way with grasses. Take the direction of Mausolée gallo roman 1,74 miles. Pass in front of the church, come back on the right and, on the left, Lingon’s road. Take on the left, the Templiers’road and, on the right, the Chirey’s way.

6 - At the high tension lines, take the way on the left. Take on the right the Mausolée’s street. Go up at the parking, enter in the forest on the right. Continue straight until the communal forest way.

7 - Continue straight, and, follow on the left a forest way.

8 - After 0,06 mile, go on the right in the wood. Continue straight on 0,62 mile approximately.

9 - Turn on the right, and twice on the left.

10 - Follow the road on the right on 0,06 mile and, on the right, skirt the perimeter of collecting. Turn on the left, and straight on the through the orchards and join the starting point.

Mausolee de Faverolles

Distance : 11 km to which it is necessary to add nature discovery path
- the tuffa waterfall of Rolampont + 1 km
- The archaeological site of the mausoleum + 2 km
that is 14 km in all.
Duration : 4h00
Marking : green and yellow

Access for mountain bike and riders: Watch out, the site of the tuffa waterfall is an alive and fragile biological environment. It is forbidden any circulation other than in feet. A compulsory variant is has arrangement for mountain bike and the riders.

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